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Wu Han hsenbruy Chemical Co., Ltd.
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In order to enhance product quality and improve customer satisfaction,in the past years Wu Han hsenbruy Chemical Co., Ltd. has improved comprehensively
the level of quality management and control and met the international standards of quality control. According to company characteristics and product
requirements, In 2011,Our group carried out a quality manual and many related produce program files,which were checked in the company all personnel completly
and fully meet the requirements of the ISO9001: 2000. So far, we has organized a highquality quality management team, and the further improvement of the quality
management system is ongoing.

Wu Han hsenbruy Chemical Co., Ltd. based on a "lean, efficient" linear functional mode of the system management, set several functional departments including
supply, production, sales, research and development, finance, quality control, logistical support, and so on, and implement the job responsibility system.
We attaches great importance to the quality of products and services. While putting our attention to all aspects of quality management( product quality, service quality, management quality, environmental quality), we has accumulated rich experience on the studying and production practice of
new materials. We all have one faith "Honest, mutual benefit, making progress together with our clients and parterners". All products are produced in the way
of domestic and foreign advanced standards, meanwhile, adding our technology and service innovation. We adhere to take all responsibility to solve any
problems for our customers and realize their will so that customers fully satisfied.
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